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How the Frutiger Group achieves its meeting goals

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Meeting preparation was cumbersome and often late due to the lack of an adequate digital solution. Meetings were often long and lacked efficiency.

How we help

Sherpany enables efficient and well-structured meeting preparation. The comment function in particular leads to focussed and productive meetings. 

There is an old saying that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This is particularly evident in meetings: good organisation, sufficient structure, and clear goals allow meeting time to be used more efficiently - a decisive factor for the success of a company.

Paolo Altundag is CFO at the Frutiger Group, one of Switzerland's leading construction services providers. He spends an average of ten hours a week in meetings and has clear ideas on how they should be run:

The right meeting can be short and sweet instead of long and cumbersome

Paolo Altundag
CFO of the Frutiger Group

A key requirement: Digitisation of documents 

Paolo Altundag identified challenges in the preparation of meetings, which often took place at the last minute, and exclusively in physical form. In addition, dealing with paper documents was cumbersome.

As a result, Mr. Altundag saw that there was a need for a new solution for the management meetings for the Frutiger group of companies. Their requirements could be classified under the following headings:

  • Automation
  • Digitalisation
  • A competitive tool

Implementation of the software was smooth

The decision was finally made in favour of Sherpany, especially because of the advantages it offered in terms of meeting preparation. Mr. Altundag and his assistant, Andrea Bänz, were responsible for the implementation of our meeting management software - and quickly became competent users. "The onboarding went without issue. The software is intuitive and relatively self-explanatory," Mr. Altundag recalls. For example, only little training was needed for users to be able to use the comment function to full effect.

The group of companies has been using Sherpany since June 2021 - and Mr. Altundag is completely satisfied. For example, preparation has become much easier. "Whoever submits an agenda item can sometimes even receive feedback in advance of the meeting, which gives us a head start in terms of information.”

The centralised and asynchronous preparation with our software solution also helps compensate for absences. In addition, thanks to remote access, an excellent overview is also possible over the weekend or during holidays - if necessary. The fact that Sherpany is available on a range of devices makes the work more flexible and agile.

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Sherpany’s meeting minutes feature saves a lot of time

But the benefits not only relate to meeting preparation. In meetings, it is essential to reach decisions and record them in the minutes - clarity and functional follow-up are the key outputs.

The uncomplicated agenda, supported by Sherpany’s meeting minutes feature is of great benefit to the Frutiger Group. "We save a lot of time," explains Altundag.

The minutes are ready within an hour of the end of the meeting

Paolo Altundag
CFO of the Frutiger Group

This makes it possible to clearly record decisions and also to note the decisions of individual participants at the end of the meeting minutes.

Thanks to Sherpany's meeting management software, the Frutiger Group's management team makes the most of its meetings and saves valuable time in their follow-up. In addition, with Sherpany, the entire management of the group remains informed and connected to one another at all times - even remotely.

CFO Paolo Altundag has the next step in the Group’s Sherpany journey already in mind. "We hope to involve the board of directors.”

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About the Frutiger Group

The Frutiger Group is an independent construction and real estate service provider. The family-owned company was founded in 1869 and is anchored in Switzerland with its headquarters in Thun. The owner-managed group has 21 subsidiaries and achieves an annual turnover of more than CHF 800 million. The company employs 2,700 people. 

We would like to thank Paolo Altundag, CFO of the Frutiger Group, for the friendly interview and for his open and transparent account of Sherpany.