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Remote meeting management - ‘a huge step forward’ on Kambly’s digitalisation journey

Kambly executive preparing remote meeting using Sherpany


Ensuring business continuity, productivity, and data security in a new, fully-remote set-up, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Using Sherpany, Kambly's directors can collaborate remotely, maintaining the company’s decision-making process, and ensuring business continuity and data security.

In the face of the current crisis, leadership teams who had previously invested in digitalisation find it much easier to keep up their productivity. Digital workflows allow them now to fully focus on ensuring business continuity and the health of their employees. Fortunately, Kambly belongs to this category of companies. In their quest to become more digital, the management team and the board of Kambly decided in 2019 to invest in Sherpany’s remote Meeting Management Software. 

And this decision paid off. Nils Kambly, a member of both the management and board, told us during a virtual interview: ‘Thanks to Sherpany, we have taken a huge step forward on our digitalisation journey. We can look to the future with confidence.’ This case study shows Kambly’s experiences with remote meeting management.


A secure way to ensure remote decision-making during this crisis

Having a fully-working remote meeting management solution up and running has particularly paid off now during the crisis: The upcoming board meeting will be held fully digitally for the first time ever. Unlike many other companies, Kambly did not have to postpone mission-critical meetings due to a lack of access to information. ‘Sherpany has been very helpful in this regard’, told us Mr Kambly. The leaders can now collaborate asynchronously and remotely, and see updates in real-time. Thus, Kambly can keep up its decision-making process and ensure business continuity during the crisis. In Sherpany, users can also digitally vote on business matters while staying compliant and tracing every decision.

With so many people working from home right now, cyber security has become an even more important aspect these days. Mr Kambly told us that he is happy to know that Kambly’s confidential data is fully protected by the highest Swiss security standards. All information is fully encrypted and secure access is ensured by an innovative 2-factor-authentication that does not require pins. And all meeting processes organised in Sherpany are compliant with audit requirements as well as GDPR.

Let us now see how easy it was for this organisation to implement Sherpany.


Usability and fast support made for a successful change management

Shortly after Mr Kambly contacted Sherpany last year, he got access to a test environment. ‘I found my way around easily. After only 15 minutes, I knew what it was about’, he told us. He liked the structured approach to meeting management with its easy overview of upcoming meetings, including agenda items and supporting documents. The fast support Kambly received, combined with ‘top Swiss security standards’, eventually led to the decision to implement Sherpany. 


During the onboarding, the leaders were given useful advice, for example about how to label documents and about security best practices.


Throughout the entire process, we felt very closely supported and all our questions were quickly answered.

Nils Kambly
Member of Kambly’s management and board

Today, Mr Kambly is in the position to state that ‘the change management was successful, which is the most important part of a digital transformation project’. All members of the management and the board fully participated. Even less tech-savvy members were easily able to handle the tool. ‘Sherpany is a very user-friendly and intuitive software, especially the apps’, concludes Mr Kambly. This made the buy-in of all people much easier.

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The main advantages of remote meeting management at Kambly

Remote meeting management had a significant positive impact on Kambly’s leadership teams – not only during this crisis. Mr Kambly emphasised three major advantages.

1. Structuring meeting processes - in one place

With Sherpany, meeting organisation can be streamlined and optimised. Having a centralised platform for all meeting-related activities enables a better structure and preparation of meetings. During the meeting, the easy-to-follow agenda helps to stay on track. Users of Sherpany can also write meeting minutes as well as assign and track tasks directly in Sherpany.

2. Handling meeting documents - without paper

Before transforming their meeting processes, Kambly worked with printed documents. The search for information often took a long time. This has changed: The library – organised with labels – and the search function have considerably reduced their work. ‘With Sherpany, it is not about searching anymore, but about finding’, told us Mr Kambly. Updates can be made and synced in real-time for all users. And: The paper stacks in the offices have become considerably smaller.

3. Preparing for meetings individually - from anywhere

For Mr. Kambly, personally, the biggest impact of Sherpany has been on his daily way of working as a leader. The software provides him with easy and quick access to all needed information at any time. He remotely prepares for his meetings, especially from his iPad, and even when offline. Personal annotations can be made with a pen just like on paper, but digitally.

Mr Kambly concludes: ‘I would recommend Sherpany to all leadership teams, it was an extremely fast and easy way to push digitalisation.’

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About Kambly

Kambly is a family-owned company in the transition from the third to the fourth generation with over a century of experience in producing the finest biscuit specialities. It is the largest and best-known biscuit manufacturer in Switzerland, exporting to over 50 countries.

For this case study, we had the pleasure to interview Nils Kambly, member of Kambly’s management and board.

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