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Streamline Decision Making

Sherpany has a range of purpose-built features to elevate decision making through meeting, which will help you take optimal decisions — faster than ever before. Learn more about our features below, or see all that Sherpany can for you do in a live consultation.

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Streamline Asynchronous Collaboration


Sherpany's Commenting feature enables your team to collaborate asynchronously, streamlining discussions, addressing important topics, and clarifying questions before a meeting even begins. With Sherpany's Commenting feature, you have the flexibility to set comments as "Public," making them visible to all participants with access to the agenda item or meeting document, or as "Private," allowing for targeted discussions between selected members or groups. When a comment is added, all meeting participants are automatically notified, ensuring everyone stays informed and can engage in discussions at a time that suits them best.


Enhance Meeting Preparation and Collaboration

Annotations and Side-by-Side Notes

With Sherpany's personal and side-by-side annotations, you can enhance meeting preparation and collaboration, ensuring important topics are addressed and decisions are made in an informed manner. Make your own personal annotations in the meeting documents, highlighting and taking notes directly on the content. This allows you to capture crucial information and ensures that no important topics are overlooked during the meeting. By having your annotations at hand, you can actively contribute to the discussion, and drive informed decision-making. Additionally, side-by-side meeting notes provide meeting leaders with a comprehensive tool to prepare and conduct their meetings. These notes help ensure that all necessary topics are covered and nothing is forgotten, leading to more organised and productive discussions.

Meetings play a central strategic role in decision-making.

Sacha Gerber
CFO of the Calida Group

Maximise Your Meetings Outcomes

Tasks & Decisions

Sherpany is the key to efficient and effective post-meeting task and decision management. Assign tasks to specific stakeholders after the meeting and track their progress with ease. Keep all stakeholders — even those external to your organisation (and non-Sherpany users) - up to speed, ensuring that everyone remains accountable for meeting outcomes. Track updates effortlessly with our Remarks functionality and import overdue tasks into future agenda items. Transform decisions into actionable outcomes, and guarantee that deadlines are never missed.


Keep Your Team Aligned on Meeting Outcomes

Meeting minutes

After each meeting, rely on our Meeting Minutes feature to effortlessly take notes, assign tasks, and follow up on action items. Sherpany provides users with a pre-filled minutes template based on the meeting's agenda, making it quick and painless to keep track of and document discussions. With Meeting Minutes, you can easily record key takeaways, actions, and decisions,  ensuring nothing is missed or forgotten. With Meeting Minutes, wasted time is reduced, tasks are not forgotten or overlooked, and follow-up becomes timely and effective.

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