Turn meetings from time wasters into value creators.

Sherpany is the next generation meeting management software for successful meetings of today’s leaders.

Sherpany Board meeting software

Discover Sherpany

Sherpany goes beyond making meetings paperless. It transforms your executive and board meetings into true value creators by allowing a greater focus on the output.

Executive directors and board members can access securely and in real time all meetings and documents with one single login - even with multiple mandates.

Sherpany key features:
designed by and for leaders.

Private annotation tools just like paper
History of a topic with a simple click
Global search to easily find relevant information
Multiple board mandates access with a single login
Digital Circular Resolution & electronic signatures
Automated compliant archive of all your documents
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What Board Members say about Sherpany

"Useful in any respect - our experience with Sherpany Boardroom is excellent."
'A noticeable increase in efficiency of preparation and conduction of meetings.'
'This is how all meetings should be: structured, time-saving and efficient.'
'Thanks to the new Sherpany Boardroom iPad App the planning of my BoD-meetings and the document management have become much more efficient.'
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