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How the digitalisation of leadership meetings increased efficiency at Diethelm Keller Group

Daniel R. Jagmetti


Leadership meetings needed increased efficiency and flexibility, especially with respect to accessing documents and collaborating remotely. 

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Sherpany saves leaders' time by providing centralised access to information before, during, and after meetings. 

Digitalisation is transforming the way we live, think, and work. Many businesses have found in digitalisation a new engine on the road to success, because it allows them to improve business processes by making them more efficient. This also applies to one particularly important aspect in organisations: leadership meetings. Technology has a big potential to allow leaders to be more agile in the way they run their meetings.

Efficiency, paired with the curiosity of implementing a digital meeting solution, were the main drivers for why leaders from the Diethelm Keller Group chose Sherpany. Let us now find out how our digital tool helped them become more efficient. 


Meeting preparation has become less complex

For the leaders at Diethelm Keller Group, one of the main benefits of Sherpany is that it allows them to be more flexible during meeting preparation. Sherpany enables users to have ‘easy digital access to all documentation and be more independent from a location and office hours’, summarises Daniel R. Jagmetti. At Diethelm Keller Group, he acts as a corporate secretary and is, at the same time, responsible for the organisation’s real estate division. Thanks to Sherpany, leaders can now retrieve meeting documents with any device and at any time and independent from the location. Jagmetti says that the distribution and modification of data has become much less complex and updates are made much faster.

The step taken on the digital transformation journey was worth it for the Diethelm Keller Group. Using Sherpany brought their leaders clear benefits and led to ‘more efficient meetings’. Here are some ways of how our meeting management software allowed for more agility and increased efficiency in the meeting preparation:

  • Flexible meeting preparation independent from location and time
  • Reduced complexity in the distribution and modification of information
  • Larger transparency
  • Certainty of strict confidentiality


The advantages of digital meeting management go beyond saving time

Diethelm Keller Group uses Sherpany for their meetings of different corporate leadership bodies, and to share regular reports. According to Jagmetti, increased efficiency during the meeting preparation saves leaders many hours of work for every single meeting: ‘The time benefit is one of the key results of using Sherpany.’ However, the advantages of a meeting management software go beyond improving efficiency during meeting preparation and saving time. ‘Decision-making can profit from a more efficient information stream’, says Jagmetti. Digital access to up-to-date information prior to and during meetings enable leaders to follow the discussions better. By having the full overview of the topics debated, leaders can center on the decision-making process, and make optimal decisions. Hence, Diethelm Keller Group enhanced efficiency throughout the entire meeting process.

This case study shows that digitalisation is a never-ending journey to continued excellence, and that it can increase efficiency in any organisation. Sherpany empowers leaders to boost their efficiency starting with their leadership meetings and make each one of their meetings count.

Are you facing the same challenges in your company? We can help. 

About Diethelm Keller Group

Diethelm Keller Group is a fourth generation holding company and a long-term investor in a broad spectrum of sectors. It consists of five operating units, which at the end of 2018 employed 5’000 people in 29 countries. In addition, the company has a Real Estate division and is the anchor shareholder DKSH Ltd.

For this case study, we had the pleasure to speak with Daniel R. Jagmetti, corporate secretary and responsible for the company’s real estate division. To know more about this company, visit their website.