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How Arkema keeps its documents secure and easily accessible for their board of directors

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Using physical documents made it difficult to ensure the confidentiality and security of meeting materials, which often had to be delivered in person.

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Centralised storage of digitameeting documents in a robust digital environment ensures that all documents are protected by the highest security standards. 

Global manufacturer Arkema is one of the French companies currently using Sherpany’s meeting management software to improve leadership meetings. However, back in 2017, the company managed board meetings in a traditional way - preparing, updating, and distributing a paper-made board pack for its board members. What changed and why?

Managing board and committee meetings can be challenging and that was the case with Arkema. To Raphaëlle de Ruffi de Pontevès, secretary of the board of directors, the biggest challenge was ensuring confidentiality and security. She had to ensure a safe delivery of the board documents, many times in person.

This situation was not convenient for directors either since they couldn't consult a paper made board pack, which can have up to 300 pages, at any time or location.


In-house vs Sherpany: why opt for a SaaS?

At first, Arkema opted for an in-house solution which allowed the storage of board documents, but could only be used while having access to WiFi. For the directors of Arkema, often away on business trips, this was not convenient.

This experience caused the company to consider Sherpany - our SaaS meeting solution. After a ‘smooth and effective’ transition to Sherpany, directors of Arkema could enjoy a secure access to their digital board packs in any environment, thus, allowing more flexibility and relevant time savings. For Arkema, Sherpany is today an important communication tool to manage confidential information.

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The secretary of the board of directors, Raphaëlle de Ruffi de Pontevès, now uses the same software to schedule board and committee meetings and to upload and update all the documents - within seconds. Overall, ‘Arkema gained in security, confidentiality, time and ease of use’, said Raphaëlle de Ruffi de Pontevès, who considers the tool an added value for French enterprises.


Arkema gained in security, confidentiality, time and ease of use.

Raphaëlle de Ruffi de Pontevès
Secretary of the Board of Directors

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About Arkema

Arkema, founded in 2006 in France, is today a global manufacturer specialised in chemicals and advanced materials. Currently, its operations run across 55 countries.

For this customer story, we updated the interview kindly provided in 2018 by the secretary of the board of directors, Raphaëlle de Ruffi de Pontevès.